The wedding ceremony is one of the most sacred sacraments in many religions,
especially in that of the Greek Orthodox faith, which is layered in symbolism and
ritual. Our wedding shop contains each of the important components in a
traditional Greek Orthodox wedding celebration:

Wedding Crowns (Stefana)
Wedding crowns, or stefana, represent the bond between the bride and
the groom. They play an integral role in the crowning ceremony and
signify the honor and glory bestowed on the couple by God.

Crown Cases (Stefanothikes)
By tradition, wedding crowns should be displayed in a case hung above
the couple’s bed. Some couples choose different presentations, but no
matter how you wish to display your crowns, preserving them in a
handcrafted crown case is essential.

Wedding Candles (Lambathes)
Candles are an important element of the Greek Orthodox wedding
ceremony, symbolic of the light of Christ present during the ceremony
and throughout the couple’s future life together. All of our wedding
candles can be customized to your requirements.

Wedding Favors (Bombonieres)
In addition to unforgettable memories, leave your guests with a physical
reminder of your special day. From traditional organza bags containing
symbolic koufeta (Jordan almonds) to picture frames to candles, choose
from a selection of thoughtful favors to conclude your wedding